Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I know it's been a while since posting, and I know I said I'd do better-and I haven't I'm sorry. My excuse: We found out we could be coming back to the states much quicker than anticipated and so I've been house hunting. If you're interested, I'll give you more details to follow. For now I'll tell you a little more about our oh so fabulous and relaxing vacation to Holland.

Holland was probably the most relaxing vacation we'd been on thus far. I was surprised by the beautiful countrysides, picturesque ponies (grazing just a stones throw from fields of flowers ) and kindness of the locals (upon almost hitting a woman and her child -on their bike, she smiled, laughed and then waved very kindly to Paul and I). To say the least this was a wonderful vacation. This first installment (yes there's more) covers the beautiful flowers of Keukenhoff. Keukenhoff (for those of you out there who haven't heard of it) is the most spectacular collection of tulips and others seasonal beauties in an 80 acre park. For those of you who love flowers, make this trip a priority-you must go in your lifetime. After going you'll know why Holland is the flower capital of the world!

Paul being sassy in the park.

The day was filled with beautiful flowers and delicious food. Paul and I enjoyed Benelux waffles more than once that day (and yes we've renamed the famously delicious Belgian waffle-since you can get the warm sugary dessert in almost all of the Benelux region). This time we enjoyed it with fresh cream and strawberries-ooh delicious!

Tristan rode in style in his brand new Deuter pack. He loved riding in it almost all day long and then was so comfortable that he slept in it afterwards.

Another sassy picture of Paul and Tristan (even though you can't see his face, I'm sure he's being just as sassy)

Paul and Tristan enjoying some yummy french fries (sans the fatty yet hugely popular mayonnaise).

How could you not smell the flowers? With thousands- no millions of flowers there the place smelled amazing. Paul was sure to smell more than a few varieties.

Being in Dutch country I couldn't leave without a picture of me wearing a huge pair of clogs.

More Benelux waffles (this time covered in deep dark rich chocolate)-oh so delicious!

I hope you enjoyed the flowers and if you're interested in more Holland, stay tuned for more. About our recent news: Paul got accepted into the Solar Space Science/applied physics masters program at the Air Force Institute of Technology in Dayton, Ohio. He was accepted into the program starting October (tentatively). We are still awaiting details but as of now we should be in the states by this fall.