Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a Life of Leisure!

After reading a post from April's blog I thought about my day and what it consists of. Despite me being very happy with my decision to be a stay at home mom(and truly believing that is the most important thing), I have decided that my days could be a little more productive. This afternoon when I finally left the house to work out, I felt a little guilty that my day had consisted of so much sleeping. I feel as if sleep has become this illusive animal and I hunt it relentlessly. I'm like the crocodile hunter sitting outside that darn snake's hole, just waiting and waiting for him to come out. Should I stop hunting sleep, and just learn to function on what little sleep I get each night? On the bright side, when people ask about my day and what I have been up to-I can say that I have had a leisurely day filled with naps, and just playing with my little guy. Maybe I'll work on one productive activity a day and go from there. Without a doubt the first one will be working on my German! I have been really slacking in that department, and have promised myself that I wont live here and not learn the language. Until my days become more interesting or less leisurely, I'll just post some more pictures of Tristan. I hope you enjoy.

This little man really is mild mannered-and I love it! I hope all of my babies are so easy. Today as I worked out, he just watched me for about 20 minutes until he fell asleep. Maybe this is normal, but I'd never know. I'm happy none the less.

I love this picture below as Tristan just looks so chunky! At this age, I think the chunkier the better. How funny that as I'm trying to get rid of my rolls, I'm so excited and eager to see him get new ones.
Here's the little guy with such heavy eyes. What a champ for putting up with all my picture taking. What kind of blog would I keep up if not for this guys pictures!?
One last one for Paul. Paul loves to see him yawn-and since he's so far away, he'll have to settle for these pictures until he can see the real thing.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Just The Two of Us

Since Paul left for temporary duty in Mississippi (on the 15th), it's just been Tristan and I. The little guy has been such wonderful company and his sweet little spirit is just so enjoyable. I really feel so blessed. Tristan has so many faces-again he makes me think of his very silly Dad.

This was his Easter outfit, but then again he could have wore anything. No one saw his little outfit because he slept through all of church, and continued to sleep for another few hours afterward. His little car seat/carrier seams to put him in a trance and once he's in he sleeps great!

This last picture shows how he is growing. I put this little romper on him last week and realized it was just a little too small. I was really surprised because not long before it was too big for him. He looked so silly with these short pants, as if he had knickers on.

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter...

Easter morning I woke up and couldn't help but smile when I saw this beautiful face. Tristan is usually quite the happy baby, but Easter morning he was especially chipper-as if he was excited about the newly fallen snow. During the past winter, we hadn't received much snow at all and what we did get seemed to melt on contact. It was my impression that spring was on its way, and I was ready for it! To my disbelief though, Easter Sunday greeted me with a thick covering of snow. Everything was covered(just like winters in NY)-and it actually looked quite beautiful.

Little Tris was soo happy! I can't wait til he's actually old enough to enjoy the snow.

The snowy view from outside Tristan's nursery was unbelievable. It looked like a winter wonderland, like everything was suspended in time.

Tristan was all to happy to oblige me in playing the blanket game (I cover him with a blanket and he kicks it off-we repeat this over and over).

A snowy view from the rear of our home.

One more of our bright eyed little guy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Blessing

"Hurray for getting my blessing!" That's what I imagined he was thinking, either that or thank goodness for a clean diaper. Little Tristan was blessed on Sunday the 9th of March and was a real champ. He had quite the cool outfit on(Paul wouldn't allow me to dress him in one of those traditional blessing gowns-he had a real issue with our SON wearing a gown, blessing or not). We had found this quilted little outfit at a cute little shop in NY, and Paul thought it was great b/s it looked like a cross between a chef's coat and a space suit. To most people this wouldn't be a good thing, but Paul was very excited about it.

Here I am with the little man. This picture actually isn't one of my favorites of him (I don't think it really looks like him), but I thought I'd put one in that had someone in our family other than him. I usually stay away from the camera, but that day I had taken a shower and wore something other than sweats-it was definitely a momentous occasion!

Catch Up Time

It's been a little while since posting so I'll catch you up on our very exciting life here in Germany. First of all, I'm adapting to a schedule that revolves solely around one little guy. This picture shows Tristan as he is most of the morning-very exhausted, but fighting sleep. I have a feeling we are dealing with a very stubborn little fellow, because he will fight sleep for a good portion of the day. Today he was awake from 7am to around 4pm when I got to the gym. Usually driving to the gym puts him to sleep (which allows me at least an hour of working out), but today was different. I had to rock his car seat/carrier while I was spinning-not so much fun!

Here is a picture of us giving him a bath. I have to admit that I love doing this because I get to see his chubby body in all of its glory. Tristan really enjoys the bath as well, and another perk is seeing him in his little alligator robe-I love it!

Here's another picture of myself and the little guy taking a nap. We have several of these shots because I just love to fall asleep with him. It's the best!

The other day Paul was having fun with Tristan and had him try on his glasses inserts (which go in his gas mask). I thought the glasses were very fitting as he was wearing his Rocket Scientist shirt. I thought he looked like quite the little brain.

I thought I'd put this picture in, as this is how I start most mornings. I check my emails and try to catch up on the blogging world. Most mornings Tristan is very content in this position, on his belly looking at the sun coming in through the window.