Monday, October 11, 2010

It's been almost a year since blogging and I wondered what to do. Do I abandon the whole thing (after all who's checking in on this after being MIA for so long), do I try to recap the last year, or just file for chapter 7 blogging bankruptcy and start with a clean slate. So I'm doing a little of both-I'll do a quick recap and move on. I'm sorry for the long hiatus but once again we're back!

In the past year Tristan has turned two and has become quite the talker. Olivia is a month away from her first birthday and I wonder how that is humanly possible. Life in Dayton has been so much about family (as we're now within driving distance), and we've been able to have frequent visits with both sides of the family. Paul has done a great job of balancing school and family (I feel so blessed to see him as much as I do) and I have passed the time by making new friends and learning to be a better runner (this past year I was able to run in 2 half marathons-and loved doing it).

Here are some family pictures from the spring that I'm quite fond of.