Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Day, The Ships Come In!

Yesterday, our goods from the states came in and Paul and I couldn't be more happy. We had found out at 4pm the night before, so to say the least we didn't have allot of time to prepare. With little notice the base FMO (Furnishings Management Office) wasn't able to pick up our loaner furniture until next week. This meant we would have goofy looking loaner furniture (think the dentist office waiting room) along with all of our own stuff. This didn't make me happy, and as a crazy pregnant wife who has just wanted a nice looking home (after being here for over a month with nothing, the prospects of having one is pretty exciting), I was set on taking care of the situation. So instead of leaving the loaner furniture downstairs (like Paul suggested) I convinced my WONDERFUL husband that we should store them in the third floor extra bedroom! We expected the movers to come between 8 and 9 am, so Paul and I were up bright and early moving furniture. At this point I thought, if this doesn't induce pregnancy-I don't know what will. Well after waiting and waiting (and cancelling my European drivers test in the morning) and then more waiting (and then having to cancel my OB apt. in the afternoon) the movers finally came!
Last night I was teaching a class at RS Enrichment and so I couldn't spend the night unpacking. As a result, I woke up early this morning (I felt like a child on Christmas morning) ready to unpack my things! Soon I will be able to relax knowing that if I go into labor (we have a little over a week until the due date) we will actually have a FUNCTIONING home to bring our little guy to (along with a car seat and a crib!).


Deborah said...

I know that's a huge relief for you. Good luck getting that baby here.

Anna said...

Moving furniture into the baby's room....that's what did it for me. Went into labor the next day. Good luck with the delivery girly!

janeen said...

We were paking and getting ready for our move and that night my water broke. Keegan arrived 3 weeks early.
Have fun unpacking and getting ready for the baby.
oh by the wsy, how is sarah?

Wende said...

Oh Happy Day! I'm so glad the furniture got there! Keep us posted on the baby front. Love ya..

Paul and Holly Domm said...

Sarah is doing well. She and her husband live in Dallas. She should be coming out to see me in April, so I'm really excited.