Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Busy Month

For the last month Tristan and I have been out and about traveling, and this is why I have neglected to post anything. The first week of our crazy month started as Tristan and I took the train to Paris. Our friends the James' rented an apt. in Paris and were kind enough to let us stay and enjoy their company and hospitality. We had such a nice time as we ate good food(my favorite part of the day was practicing my french at the patisserie in the morning), strolled through the city(literally, I took the stroller and we went everywhere), and did some fun shopping(I was introduced to the greatest kitchen store and one of the most beautiful children's clothing stores). We really did have such a wonderful time, and cant wait to go back with Paul.

After going to Paris, Tristan and I started (the very next morning) trying to get a plane to the states to visit our family. Since Paul was gone on training, we thought this would be a perfect time to visit our loved ones. After four very long days in the Ramstein terminal (we were waiting to get on a military plane with space available for passengers) we finally got on a plane headed home. The plane ride was such an interesting and sobering experience, you see the plane that I ended up coming home on was delivering caskets of soldiers that had been killed in the middle east.

The last three weeks has flown by at lightning speed as I have spent time with my family and friends. I apologize to any of you who I didn't get to see but wanted to. As I said the time just flew by and there just wasn't enough time to see everyone. I'm so grateful for the family that made both time and room for little Tristan and myself. We had so much fun going to the beach, the zoo, Watkins Glen, Seabreeze, and just hanging around and catching up. We really enjoyed ourselves immensely and I'm so grateful that Tristan could meet so many of his family members.

Presently the little guy and I are visiting a good friend in the D.C. area and tonight will be attempting to get on a flight back to Duetchland. As we embark once again on this crazy journey that is flying space available, I ask all of you out there to cross your fingers and say a little prayer that we get on a plane soon. Hopefully it wont take us four days to get back home, and the Polly Domm Family will be together again(since going to the states Paul has finished his work in the States and has arrived back in Germany).

Here's hoping that we get back soon. I'll send some pictures of the past month as soon as I get back.


Leslie said...

Sweet, you're back in the blog world. Glad to know that you and Paul are to be reunited soon. And I hope to see you soon too!

Alisha said...

Welcome back to blogging! I can't wait to see the pics!

r1 said...

You should have told us you were in the DC area.