Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Newest Developments

Things are pretty low key here in Germany, but I haven't posted for a little while because of some new developments with the little guy. After getting his first cold in conjunction with painful teething-there was a solid week that I got very little sleep. Things have gotten significantly better though, as he can breath much better now and most importantly his first little tooth has arrived. Besides this the little guy is eating like a champ, and moving around like a little monkey. He is always moving and has learned to stand up leaning on almost everything. We finally adjusted the crib and now Paul isn't worrying that he'll fall out of the crib.

When the little guy isn't occupying our time Paul and I have been working on our German, and looking forward til the day when we can proficiently communicate in Deutch! Paul has been playing on a flag football team and Tristan and I have enjoyed watching as these fall days are some of my favorite. Here's a few pictures of the little man, I hope you enjoy!

Tristan is almost getting too big for my photo futon as he's eager to lunge off the edge.

Meal time seams to be filled with drama as there are screams of excitement and often tears of anticipation. Here's our animated guy giving a peculiar face, as if to say "what is that, sweet potatoes?".

I really feel blessed to have such a good natured boy. These few shots (above) I was happy to get in before he obliterated his sweater with carrots (his bibs just aren't big enough!).

Once again the boy is soo happy to eat. These pictures below demonstrate my eagerness for Tristan to fit into his warm weather apparel. This was the same day that I had him try on his Halloween costume (thanks Grandma Baier), and his winter coat. After he tried on this hat I was smitten and didn't mind having him wear it for the rest of the day.


harshita said...

Your child is very cute and it’s interesting that you have shared your baby’s pictures with us.

neha trehan

murari said...

There is a pictures of the cute baby which is looking very beautiful. The baby is looking very happy.


The Loveridge Family said...

He is such a cute kid!!! I love his expressions!

debbie said...

he is so cute! i have to ask, where did your mom get that hat? it is so cute!

April said...

Please tell me you intentionally clean your house before you take pictures. It looks immaculate! Oh, and Tristan is adorable too:)

lisa said...

holly-great pictures. tristan is growing so much and is such a cute little guy! thanks for the updates we love reading your blog.

Alisha said...

He is getting so big. I can't tell who looks more like. Carson is working on teeth #5 & 6 and it is brutal. They are so cute when they finally break thru. Looks like you guys are having a great time over there.

Leslie said...

He is so cute you just want to squeeze his cheeks! Such a good stage in a babies life!

Julie said...

Surprise!!! I just checked out Kristine's blog and found yours and I have had so much fun reading about all of your fun travels and seeing the pictures of your beautiful boy--and your husband too! You will have to contact me so that we can catch up for real. check out my blog (I just started it) at http://jandjbollinger.blogspot.com if you want to or email me at jandjbollinger@verizon.net

Love you,
"sister bollinger"

Krista said...

What adorable facial expressions that Tristan has! He is growing so fast.

K&V Takagi said...

Hey! Everytime I look at little Tristan I can't believe how much he looks like Paul. A couple weeks ago when we were in Chicago we kept being reminded of you guys. There was the weather/forces of nature exhibit at the Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium that made us think of Paul. And I know how much you love amazing architecture, so I kept thinking about you as we passed all the beautiful buildings in downtown. Wish you lived closer! Maybe someday we'll make it out there to visit you. Love ya!

Tammy said...

Hi Holly and Paul
Scouting around the internet, and Maryann L blog, and loved the Tristan pics. Sorry we missed you when you were here in July. Next time, we will connect.
Having fun with Robyn and little girls. Very cute- both of them. Mckenna and I are loving the park. Take care- Tammy