Monday, November 3, 2008

Autumn in Allemagne

Here's some of the other fall pictures that I wanted to post. We had been wanting to get a good family picture for a long time, and now I think we have a few good prospects.

This little shoot was really nice, just for the fact that it was a beautiful day and Tristan was in such great spirits.

This picture is for you Joanne (we're holding hands!), who is sometimes befuddled by our lack of affection (which is of course no reflection of our marital bliss).

More family fun in the leaves!

This one is another one of my favorites. I think this one may end up on one of our walls.

Before you look at the rest of these pictures, I have to give you a little background: My mom had given us an adorable monkey costume for Tristans first Halloween, which I couldn't wait to use. Halloween came and went and I neglected to get a good picture of Tristan wearing his cute little suit. Well...the day after Halloween I couldn't put the monkey suit in storage until we had gotten an adequate shot. As you can see Tristan was absolutely miserable once we put his costume on.

Here Tristan is putting up a fuss on the floor.

Look at this little monkeys face, he is definitely not happy.

At this point he looked as if he was on the verge of a breakdown.

And then the tears began to flow! Paul thought putting him in this suit and taking pictures was a strange form of child abuse.

After taking the monkey suit off Tristan was much happier!

Last of all I had to show you my favorite costume or costumes I saw this Halloween. It's the ensemble cast of Peter Pan (starring the Carson kids from our local ward). Aren't they cute! They really did inspire me to actually dress up, and maybe do something in conjunction with Tristan and Paul next year. Here's hoping you had a fabulous Halloween.


Erin said...

my question is where the heck did tristan get blue eyes?! I saw your brothers, mom, and sis at stake conference yesterday. your brothers are hilarious! love ya!

Amy said...

Your family pictures are BEAUTIFUL! They really capture this fun time in your life. Thank you for sharing.

Smith Family said...

Holly, great pictures! I love how they turned out. The colors are just beautiful all around you. And, I did enjoy seeing the poor little monkey in his costume. Classic!

Alisha said...

Great pictures, you guys look great. I bought Carson that same costume but took it back because he too hated it! He at least put on the Hulk costume. Tristan is getting so big.

Jody Carson said...

Holly, I found your blog off of Christy's.... I hope that is okay?? I can't believe that you ACTUALLY got a picture of Captain Hook SMILING!!! I tried and I tried, but he just looked miserable. Thanks for posting the picture. It actually makes me feel like maybe I didn't torture them after all.... ;) -And I'm not really all that surprised, but HOLLY! Your house is BEAUTIFUL!! And so is your sad little monkey! :)

Anna said...

Cute pictures! Poor, poor Tristan. He just doesnt understand how adorable it looks.

Carrie said...

Paul, why do you look so different to me?! I know I'm not confusing you with one of your brothers, I know what you look like--but you look different! CRAZY!! Oh yah, I'm pregnant, maybe that's it. Holls, you look so beautiful, I sure do miss you. That litle monkey baby, he's so stinkin CUTE! He's growing fast Holls, it's time for another! Love you guys!