Friday, November 28, 2008

The Latest

I'm sorry for not posting sooner, but I've been busy(doing what I'm not sure). Things have been good...uneventful, busy, but good. So here's a few things that have been going on.

First of all Tristan is teething (it feels as if he's been teething forever), and that seems to impact everything. He has also discovered how to scream, or has discovered that he's now a fan of screaming. You can now imagine how fun life has been (with a teething, screaming, little guy). Recently, I feel like we've been living with our own little Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde.

Here he is at the beginning of a feeding. Very happy, very sane.

Still happy

Smiley and silly

Waving to the camera (obviously still in good spirits)

Somehow something has drastically changed. He's now not in the mood for eating (he's ripped off his bib) and doesn't seem so happy anymore.

He's beginning to be very emotional.

Here starts the water works

And then the sadness turns to anger.

Besides being manic, the little guy has been working on standing and walking on his own. Here he is doing one of his favorite activities-looking outside (you may wonder what he's looking at-but honestly its just the outdoors).

The next few pictures are fuzzy but I had to ad them, as they depict our ever active littley guy as he's wrestling with Paul.

The next picture I had to put in, afterall I wanted to do a whole posting on the subject. And that is ...I finally saw Twilight. After all the anticipation (afterall I LOVED the books) and so much excitement I did see it and oh what a disappointment it was!

Don't get me wrong, I did have a blast (there was close to 30 of us women who loved the books and decided to go together to the 10:30 showing last friday night, at a local german theater), but how sad it was to see our beloved book turned into such a mediocre movie. I kept thinking What if? What if they had more money in the budget to recruit better actors? What if they had a better director (Steven Spielburg, Ron Howard, M. Night Shyamalan, or even Baz Lurman could have done wonders with the script). What if? What if? What if? In the end I was so glad I read the books first (actually I don't know if I would have seen the movie had I not read the books). In the end the movie was mediocre (but somehow entertaining) and if you're wondering... yeah I'll still plan on seeing the rest of the movies (the series involves 4 books which should all be made into movies).

This last picture is just to show that... we got snow! It has melted by now (of course) but when I woke up and saw the beautiful sight, "its beginning to look alot like Christmas..." chimed in my head. I'm one of those people that feels you can't have a perfect Christmas without snow, and so this gave me a little bit of hope (I was told by the locals that they don't usually have snow for Christmas). Here's hoping we get some more!
Since then....We had a fabulous Thanksgiving (thanks Chris and Alissa) and have already squeazed in a Christmas market (Wednesday night we made it to Heidleburgs opening ceremonies). We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the start of a wonderful holiday season!


Julie said...

You captured the perfect sequence of action. If I were you, I'd get used to the Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde that appears to be pretty normal for most kids I know--especially mine.

Leslie said...

Loved the "change" in Tristan. That is so funny! It was fun to go to the movies and not act our age. Really, we should make that a monthly event. But maybe not so late, it took me a few days to recover. Kids don't care how late you stay up, they have needs in the morning!

Anna said...

Those pictures were absolutely adorable. Poor, poor baby!

Doulabug said...

Holly, you are quite the photographer. Love the pictures of Tristan! Our blog is private now - if you would like to view it let me know!

Wende said...

I love the pictures of Tristan! What a cutie. Sorry he's a little crazy right now. It's gotta be the teeth.
It was so fun to talk to you on Thanksgiving!

Sara said...

Love those eating pictures! Sooo funny! And so true! Kids change moods like a light switch.

And I couldn't agree with you more about Twilight. I felt the same exact way. Hopefully they get a bigger budget for the next one. And I do want to see it again. Maybe now that the expectations are gone I can just enjoy it.

Erin said...

HEY! I got your message the other day--sorry i missed you!!! I love you so much and i wish you were coming home for Christmas! tristan is hilarious! love you