Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Blue Eyes

Just a few pictures of Tristan taken by Leslie. Paul seems to think Tristan looks sick (and skinny) in these pictures, but despite his mop top (and his slight frame) I love these pictures.

He's such a happy little guy and I thought these pictures really captured that.

Just yesterday (M. L. King day) while Paul and a friend (the famous "Leslie's" husband) were at a soccer game (stay tuned for that posting-Paul should be debuting that one soon), Leslie once again captured the little guy-but this time in live action. Here for the very first time is a video of the boy(I know I know, he's almost a year old and I haven't put video of him on here yet-I'll try to do better). FYI-Tristan is a happy little guy, and especially silly/giggly as he grows tired-as you'll see on the video. I hope you enjoy!


Anna said...

Look at those teeth too!

Alisha said...

So cute! I love when they laugh like that.

Wende said...

Hey guys- what a cutie! I want to give him big hugs! Paul it was good to chat with you the other day.

blogofsteele said...

i triple love that video!!!!!