Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Black Forest and Bacharach

Over the past month my sister Laura was able to visit us and during her stay we were able to visit numerous beautiful spots. One of my favorites was the Black Forest. As we drove through this scenic region we saw rolling hills, dense forests, and beautiful large German homes with architecture unique to that region.

At the beginning of the day we had some rain but that didn't stop Tristan from enjoying himself.

As we drove down I got this sweet shot of Tristan cuddling next to Laura.

Here we are at the Trieberg Falls in the Black Forest.

It was pretty much impossible to get a good family picture here because Tristan was so preoccupied with the gorgeous falls.

Here you can see Tristan in awe of the falls. If I had included video of this moment you would hear him saying "wow!".

The little guy stretching his legs before our long drive home.

Another favorite spot I was able to share with Laura was the charming little town of Bacharach. This picturesque little spot is nestled in between fragrant vineyards and the calm shores of the Rhine River.

Usually we share our gelato with Tristan (and he screams for more as we are trying to get a lick in), so this day I thought "what the hey-just get him his own!" so this was Tristan's very first gelato (of his own). After giving him his own I don't think I can go back to sharing one with him.

The Germans do an absolutely fabulous job of adorning their homes and places of business with beautiful flowers. Where ever you turn you see flower boxes with robust arrangements and flowers billowing out of windows and door ways.

Before leaving this quaint little town we stopped to play at the park.

Laura was the best aunt, as she played with Tristan until he was too exhausted to laugh and squeal anymore.

These next few pictures are from our day trip to Trier. These pictures (above and below) are of us at the Roman baths.

I had to include these two pictures as they bare record of something fabulous that has recently happened...Tristan has overcome his fear of the vacuum cleaner! Yes, that's right as Tristan has turned 18 months he is finally old enough to go into nursery (happy day), his vocabulary has really begun to take off, and I can now vacuum without him clinging to me, as if I was facing a wild animal. Now that he's 18 months, instead of being scared of the vacuum he's intrigued by its motor and all of its moving parts.

This picture I had to take as the little guy looks like some sort of monster. I had given him a plum and he went to town with it. When finished with the plum it was in his hair, his ears, on his neck, up his nose and everywhere inbetween.

Lastly, here's a couple of pictures of Tristan getting his hair cut. Paul and I were both surprised at how well behaved he was in the barbers chair and so after our first experience (this is Tristans second time-the first I didn't remember to bring the camera) I vowed to never have Paul touch his hair again (if you recall having Paul cut/butcher his hair in the spring was slightly traumatic-Tristan does not look good with a buzz cut!)


Alisha said...

Such fun. Dont you just love when family visits. Tristan is getting to be such a big boy!

Leslie said...

great post! I'm so glad you made it to the Black Forest, I too loved that trip.