Friday, December 11, 2009


Any of you out there who have at least two children, know that there is a certain amount of adjustment that takes place when you go from one to two children. Well, over the past few weeks I have been learning to adjust and adapt, and most times juggle (I feel like the performer juggling bowling balls, pins and chairs-all at once). Things have been crazy, but I'm learning and figuring things out (going to the gym in the morning with a baby in her carrier and a toddler takes some planning). Unfortunately for our blog-it's suffered. But if that's the only real casualty, well I'm OK with that (the house is clean, the kids are fed, and the laundry is being done!).

Today when I grabbed a spare minute, I thought I'd share these few pictures that I'm fond of. I was lucky enough to find a photographer here and in time to get some newborn pictures of Olivia. These were taken when she was a week old (I know, I know-that was weeks ago-I'll work on getting some updated pictures).

Besides the craziness that is adjusting to a second child, things are great. Olivia is a great little eater and sleeps pretty well (daytime is good, but at night she's waking up a couple of times just from congestion-the poor girl sounds like a pug). Tristan is being sweet and learning how to be gentle. On the downside with Tristan (he's always presenting me with some sort of challenge, that I find myself asking friends and family about)-he's boycotting his one nap. He still goes down for a nap, but he doesn't end up sleeping. As we speak he is playing in there with his truck. If someone was to say to take away the truck, well than I wouldn't be able to get him in the crib at all. So...if anyone has any suggestions about getting an almost 2 year old to sleep at nap time (instead of play) please send them my way!
As the Christmas season approaches, I find myself feeling very blessed for family and friends. We were blessed this Thanksgiving that my Mom, Dad, and sister Laura were able to visit. We loved having them all (especially my Mom as she had stayed a few weeks just helping out), and are delighted that we are now within driving distance. Soon we will be driving to NY for Christmas and enjoying the company of family. We hope that during this holiday season you will be filled with the love and warmth that comes as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.


Leslie said...

Love the pictures!

D&D Miller said...

Holl, A couple of months ago Ava starting pulling the same move (not sleeping when I put her down) I know we are different kinds of moms but if you can try this. I would watch for Ava's mood to lower and try to put on a slow tv show or movie. Then when that was over I put her in the crib said prayers and kisses then bye bye. I let her play or do whatever for however long she wanted to. I would listen for her to stop and then I would start the 2 hour nap count down. This means that sometimes she would be in her bed for 4 hours in the afternoon, but it had to be done. Otherwise the evenings were crazy. If it took her a really long tome to fall asleep then I would only let her sleep for 1 hour. It makes nap time a whole lot longer since your afternoon is eaten up by Tristan being in his bed but it has worked out for me.

Olivia is adorable

Deborah said...

What a pretty girl. Can't wait to see her in person.

blogofsteele said...

I love little Olivia!!! She's so sweet. Let me know if you have time to see us when you're home. Loves!

Julie said...

Holl---When the kids start fighting their naps I start putting them down for naps earlier in the day--like 1130 or so. Keep fighting that fight--It's worth it. My kids sleep longer and go down happier if I catch them before they are overly tired. Just put them in bed--read 1 (and only 1) story to them and then walk out.
Hope that helps--good luck

brandy said...


I just saw your blog on Shelby's blogroll. Now we can keep in touch after I move :(
Girl, you need to update :) The pictures of Olivia are GORGEOUS!! She was so teeny tiny. Just precious.

See you Tuesday....