Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tristan and Olivia


Caleb and Suzy said...

I was so waiting for the "Umm Mom, Boogies are yummy!" part. Too cute to listen to him talk, and read! That is cool. Olivia is the sweetest cutest baby ever! And more rolly-polie than Tristan was.
I love the family photos too. Adorable. Miss you guys. Holly, you look great.

Julie said...

You guys look Great! What great family picts. My kids all loved that book too. I think his talking is adorable. I'm so glad you're "back". I missed you. I'm actually a little sad you moved back to the states. Jeff and I are headed to Paris and London in April and we might have been able to hook up. Oh well. Maybe we'll connect in...Dayton???? Ok maybe not. Love you!

Joe said...

the blog doesn't appear too current but if there is any chance I Paul read this, it's Joe Wiseman, email me! cyrus.wiseman@law.utah.edu