Monday, November 26, 2007

One Crazy Hectic Wonderful Week!

The last week was a whirlwind of emotion and excitement as I flew down to Montgomery Alabama. On Saturday the 17th I joined Paul at Maxwell Air Force Base to see him graduate from Basic Officer Training. This was the first time Paul had seen my enormous pregnant belly(not really -but when Paul left there was little sign of me being pregnant) and so this was an exciting event. On Tuesday the 20th Paul was commissioned (by his flight mate Dan Bigley) and pinned for the first time as a Second Lieutenant by me! After this very special commissioning ceremony there was the public graduation outside. This was a very nice ceremony that included a fighter jet flyover(Paul thought this was the best part) and the famous tossing of the cap.

After graduation Paul and I started the first leg of our long trip home. From Tuesday to Friday we drove about 4-5 hours each night and stopped in Tennessee and Cleveland to see family and share in their Thanksgiving festivities. On Friday afternoon we finally made our way home and finished the Thanksgiving week by having our third and final turkey dinner with the Baier Family(my parents and siblings) that Saturday.


Holmes Family said...

Thanks for the pictures Holly! Keep posting, especially once you get to Germany. We want lots of updates!

Deborah said...

I told Paul that we will live in Germany vicariously through your pictures. We are so excited for you both. Keep the pictures coming.

Joel said...

Paul and Holly... Glad to see you guys are doing well. It's been a while since we've been in touch. We should get in touch once again. Feel free to email me if you guys have time at


debbie said...

hey girl,
thanks for sending me the link to your blog. this is the best way to keep in touch, i love it. you look so cute and prego:)

Katie said...

Way to go fellow 2nd lt! Those pictures look familiar to us! We are so excited for you to be going to Germany. Our blog is Thefast and the Merry Christmas from Rochester!
Mike Sherman and family