Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Guten Tag from Germany!

A big I'm sorry for not blogging earlier! Things have been really crazy over here. We have been in country a little over a week, and Im happy to say that we have found a home and moved in yesterday. The first week Paul and I spent the majority of our time looking for a home. We had looked at 3-4 a day and last Friday we viewed a town house in a quaint little town named Enkenbach and decided that this felt the most like home. It was probably the smallest place we looked at (its around 160 square meters), but because of the lovely town, wonderful location and English speaking landlord we decided that this was the place for us.
Paul and I made a trip out to IKEA yesterday and stocked up on a few essentials, as our stuff from the states wont be in til the second week of January. Because of our place not being furnished as usual, Paul and I have decided to get out and travel during the holiday season. We've started the holiday season by traveling to the surrounding towns and planning trips to some of the larger cities to see their Christmas Markets. We have been to two so far and are planning to go to two more this weekend(Heidelburg and Trier). These are the perfect way to feel the Christmas spirit as most of them have large Christmas Trees surrounded by Carolers and an abundance of good food(roasted chestnuts, mulled cider, hot sausage, and sweet pastries).
In closing-Paul and I feel incredibly blessed as we have found a wonderful home, and have met wonderful people here. We are excited to start this journey here in SW Germany and would look forward to hearing from or seeing(how exciting would that be!) any of you. Happy Holidays!


Deborah said...

Yeah, you're back online. I am anxiously awaiting news on your new lives in Germany. I look forward to lots of pictures. It makes me homesick for my study abroad days 20 ugh years ago.

Paul and Holly Domm said...

So good to hear from you! This friday Paul and I get our email hooked up at our home and so I'll be better about getting news and pictures up. I hope you guys have a great Christmas and New Years. Talk later-Holly