Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catch Up Time

It's been a little while since posting so I'll catch you up on our very exciting life here in Germany. First of all, I'm adapting to a schedule that revolves solely around one little guy. This picture shows Tristan as he is most of the morning-very exhausted, but fighting sleep. I have a feeling we are dealing with a very stubborn little fellow, because he will fight sleep for a good portion of the day. Today he was awake from 7am to around 4pm when I got to the gym. Usually driving to the gym puts him to sleep (which allows me at least an hour of working out), but today was different. I had to rock his car seat/carrier while I was spinning-not so much fun!

Here is a picture of us giving him a bath. I have to admit that I love doing this because I get to see his chubby body in all of its glory. Tristan really enjoys the bath as well, and another perk is seeing him in his little alligator robe-I love it!

Here's another picture of myself and the little guy taking a nap. We have several of these shots because I just love to fall asleep with him. It's the best!

The other day Paul was having fun with Tristan and had him try on his glasses inserts (which go in his gas mask). I thought the glasses were very fitting as he was wearing his Rocket Scientist shirt. I thought he looked like quite the little brain.

I thought I'd put this picture in, as this is how I start most mornings. I check my emails and try to catch up on the blogging world. Most mornings Tristan is very content in this position, on his belly looking at the sun coming in through the window.


Deborah said...

I'm glad you're posting lots of pictures. The one in the glasses is great.

Anna said...

Love the glasses. He looks great and so do you! The blessing pictures are very sweet. We miss you guys!

Wende said...

Holly you look fabulous and so does Tristan! He is quite the handsome guy! Keep posting pictures of all of you - we miss you here and think of you all the time! Love and hugs

Stephanie and Jason said...

Sun sounds good! I love the glasses!

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Russell are having so much fun looking at the pictures of their new cousin Tristan. They love the one with the glasses. We all miss you so much! Charlie says, "Can we come to your house someday?"