Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a Life of Leisure!

After reading a post from April's blog I thought about my day and what it consists of. Despite me being very happy with my decision to be a stay at home mom(and truly believing that is the most important thing), I have decided that my days could be a little more productive. This afternoon when I finally left the house to work out, I felt a little guilty that my day had consisted of so much sleeping. I feel as if sleep has become this illusive animal and I hunt it relentlessly. I'm like the crocodile hunter sitting outside that darn snake's hole, just waiting and waiting for him to come out. Should I stop hunting sleep, and just learn to function on what little sleep I get each night? On the bright side, when people ask about my day and what I have been up to-I can say that I have had a leisurely day filled with naps, and just playing with my little guy. Maybe I'll work on one productive activity a day and go from there. Without a doubt the first one will be working on my German! I have been really slacking in that department, and have promised myself that I wont live here and not learn the language. Until my days become more interesting or less leisurely, I'll just post some more pictures of Tristan. I hope you enjoy.

This little man really is mild mannered-and I love it! I hope all of my babies are so easy. Today as I worked out, he just watched me for about 20 minutes until he fell asleep. Maybe this is normal, but I'd never know. I'm happy none the less.

I love this picture below as Tristan just looks so chunky! At this age, I think the chunkier the better. How funny that as I'm trying to get rid of my rolls, I'm so excited and eager to see him get new ones.
Here's the little guy with such heavy eyes. What a champ for putting up with all my picture taking. What kind of blog would I keep up if not for this guys pictures!?
One last one for Paul. Paul loves to see him yawn-and since he's so far away, he'll have to settle for these pictures until he can see the real thing.


Anna said...

He's already starting to look bigger!

janeen said...

enjoy the leisure time while it lasts! You can only really enjoy it with your first so milk it for all that it's worth and don't feel guilty about it.
I love all of his cute outfits! He's soo cute!

April said...

I love the pictures, they're my favorite part! And um, when you have a newborn, it is YOUR JOB to SLEEP. No guilt. Sleep whenever you feel like it. Think of it this way, you won't be able to do that next time because Tristan will be wanting to play, eat, etc. I can't emphasize this enough. SLEEP.

Family:whatitmeans said...

He is so cute. I love his little outfits and his bouncy seat.

Sara said...

I wish I could take a now but with two active kids now, it gets really hard to squeeze one in.

Hey, I went private with my blog but didn't have your email address. Send me an email at and I'll send you an invite.

HappyNewYorker said...

Cute Baby! Glad I found your blog. Now we can check in on your little family every now and then. Todd wants to see some pictures of Paul. He misses him. :) J/K
Love ya!
Mindy & Todd

Leslie said...

Holly, I recently blogged about leisure days as well. It just seems to be natural here in Europe. What I would say to you is enjoy it while you can. There will always be laundry and dirty dishes but Tristan won't always be this little. I love those days!