Monday, March 24, 2008

Just The Two of Us

Since Paul left for temporary duty in Mississippi (on the 15th), it's just been Tristan and I. The little guy has been such wonderful company and his sweet little spirit is just so enjoyable. I really feel so blessed. Tristan has so many faces-again he makes me think of his very silly Dad.

This was his Easter outfit, but then again he could have wore anything. No one saw his little outfit because he slept through all of church, and continued to sleep for another few hours afterward. His little car seat/carrier seams to put him in a trance and once he's in he sleeps great!

This last picture shows how he is growing. I put this little romper on him last week and realized it was just a little too small. I was really surprised because not long before it was too big for him. He looked so silly with these short pants, as if he had knickers on.


Deborah said...

How funny that Paul is in MS. How long will he be gone and what is he doing?

Doulabug said...

Holly, what a sweet boy you have. I wish I was there to hold and cuddle him!

Paul and Holly Domm said...

Deborah, Paul is in MS for a meteorology course for officers. He'll be gone for 2 months(so he should be back around the 15th of May).

Amy said...

The boy is too cute. I am glad you're enjoying the mother thing. It is fun to watch the kids grow up. Hope the two months without Paul will fly by.