Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Overflow

the overflow : (meaning the pictures I couldn't fit on the first posting, but these first two pictures could also be linked with another kind of overflow...) This first pictures will forever remind me of Tristan's enormous accident in the IKEA parking lot. This little white (karate looking) outfit was in Tristan's diaper bag since he has been born(I know, I know-it would have been HUGE on him way back when he was born)-as the emergency outfit. Well, this past week it sure came in handy when Tristan woke up from his long nap and was ravenous with hunger. As I fed him in the IKEA parking lot(don't worry I haven't assimilated to European culture that fast-I fed him in the car), I heard and felt a little explosion. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Well to say the least the aftermath of the explosion/bombing was enough to require a whole new outfit (if we were at home a bath would have been necessary as well). So here is the happy boy in his fresh new outfit. I look at that happy face and like to imagine he's thinking something like "Aw (sigh of relief), clean buns. There's nothing like it!"

This isn't the clearest picture, but another picture reminiscent of an overflow incident-or another little bombing. I love this little outfit. I call it his monkey suit, for the fact that this full body sweater made him look like just that-a little monkey. I realized that he was quickly growing out of it and so I wanted to get one last use out of it. Unfortunately, yesterday just as I donned the full body sweater, he let it rip and stopped my momentary gladness right in its tracks. By the time the little monkey suit comes out of the wash, I'm sure it will be too small(it was already on its way out)-too bad his last time wearing it, it was only on him for a few minutes!

This is simply a picture of the boy in the morning at his chubbiest. This is always my favorite time-when Tristan is "fat and happy". Tristan often is in the "fat and happy" state when he wakes up because he has feasted all night long (in the day he tends to snack and then at night he really goes to town). I really love how huge his face gets, check out that bulging belly as well!

Another picture of this little guy and his big eyes.

This last picture I had to put in for the simple fact that it reminded me soo much of his dad. When I look at this picture all I can see is Paul. It's funny how I can picture Paul making this same face. What do you think? Can you see it?

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Leslie said...

So as a eye witness to the IKEA explosion I'm happy to report that you handled it excellently! What a pro. And so prepared with the emergency outfit! That was a fun day! I just framed my picture, you'll have to see it!