Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Vacation Pics

This is the last posting of the pictures from our trip to the states. Tomorrow we head out for a much anticipated trip to Bavaria and Austria, and so I'm forced to make this short(or I'll get no sleep and that makes for a very grouchy travel companion!). So, here's some of my favorite pictures. I have to say thank you to Ben (my brother) for making me a cd before I left (all of the pictures of my side of the family are from him)-so danke Ben!
Tristans first official day in the states. I think he looks a little shell shocked and confused as to where he is.

Big and little Tristan.

Aren't those the cutest penguins you ever did see?!

Watkins Glen, one of my family's favorites!

My parents and a few siblings(plus Aidan, Tristans one cousin on my side of the family) at the glen.

Mom, Emily and I.

Aidan is just the cutest, and boy was he a trooper!

He amazed us all as he climbed up and up what seemed to be hundreds of stairs!

A sweet one from Emily.

These are a few from SeaBreeze-a small amusement park in Rochester. Here are Samantha and Dallen (these cousins are like two peas in a pod) who are just a joy to watch. This day we just enjoyed watching the little ones splash around.

Here's Sydney-looking soo cute in that hat!

More of Dallen and Samantha.

My sister-in-laws Tracy and Kelly with little Tyler and Sydney.

Tristan in a crazy blue hat that came from who know's where.

Burg Trifels

Here's just a few pictures from a little day trip we took to Burg Trifels (a castle not far from here, just a little bit to the south).

Daddy and the little guy.

Burg Trifels is one of a trio of castles that are in a geographic triangle all on top of hill tops. The area is beautiful and reminds me very much of the Adirondacks in NY. How beautiful this area is!

The nearby town nestled in between the hilltops. This area really is picturesque and definitely worth the drive!


Deborah said...

I love it that you are such a traveling family! You guys seem to make the most of every day.

Angela said...

Wow, Holly! Great photos, looks like you had a great time!

Leslie said...

You had a crazy busy summer. So glad you are back. I look forward to getting together after your trip so that we can hear how you like Bavaria as much as we do!

Stephanie said...

Great pictures! I hope we'll be able to take trips like you do! We unfortunately don't know where we will be going yet. As soon as I know -there will be a blog entry about it! All I can tell you is he officially graduates in February, he will then go to Alabama for 7 wks of training and then hopefully in April we will move somewhere!

Alison said...

Wow, a trip down memory lane seeing your sisters...and wow Laura sure got big! Where was Sarah?

Nettie! said...

It was so awesome to see pictures of your family - I remember being at your house with them a lot during my teenage years! Laura looks just like Sarah!! Emily's a babe - and you look amazing! I can't believe you recently had a baby. I remember Paul's sisters from girls camp and dances!

Do you know how long you'll be living in Germany? Kevin served his mission in Munich and we'd love to go together someday! (Probably not very soon though.)

goldfarbgoldfarb said...

Happy Birthday Paul. Hope everything is well with you two kids.


Sara said...

You're making me homesick with those pictures! You're family looks soooo great! Tell them all I said hi!

Erin said...

cute, cute, cute! i can't believe that emily's baby isn't a baby anymore!!! love ya

Krista said...

Great to see some of your trip. You look a lot like your sister. Your little guy just keeps getting cuter all the time!

lisa said...

fabulous pictures. it looks like a great trip! we wish we were there. it was great to see you. tell paul hello for us.

gerardg said...

The photograph with baby on billboard says: Still Tired ?
Here you can get a really good coffee