Saturday, August 16, 2008

This Ones For Robyn

If you know me well you know I'm one thing, and that's picky(I prefer to say I'm particular but most other people say picky). About a year ago when I was receiving all sorts of wonderful baby presents (thank you again to everyone), my sister-in-law Robyn gave me an exer-saucer. Before I could even comment on it, she said something like "I know you don't like bright things, and its not something you would pick out, but...take it. Your baby will like it". It was a good thing she was so adamant, because she was right-I don't like bright things and I never would have bought it. But, one day a couple of months ago I took it out of storage and tried it out(or rather Tristan tried it out), and he loves it! So, thanks a lot Robyn. Here's some pictures of the little man and his saucer.

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Alisha said...

He is getting so big! Great pics of Paris!