Thursday, October 16, 2008

Four Happy Years

Last week Paul and I celebrated four crazy yet bliss filled years together. Everyday I'm grateful that I'm married to a man who overlooks my manic and insane moments, and helps me find the humor in life. I'm so grateful for marrying a goofball who brings happiness to the mundane times and last but not least of all-I'm so grateful for marrying a man who continues to be a wonderful and loving father.

Last week Paul surprised me by coming home for lunch, and bringing me a beautiful bouquet from my favorite local florist. Sometimes it's the simplest things that brings the biggest smiles. How nice it was to see my hubby for lunch and to have fresh flowers on the table!

For our Anniversary we took a little weekend trip to Cologne where we enjoyed a couple lazy days and beautiful weather.

Above is the view from our hotel window. We were on the eighth floor and had such a marvelous view of the whole city. What you don't see out the window(but would if you could look down) is a message written in painted white rocks, that says "Enjoy Your Stay" in both German and English)

Paul and the little guy at the historic entrance to the city.

My favorite men in front of a beautiful pair of German legs. I laugh when I look at this and think Tristan may be destined to have just such hobbit legs (after all just look at who his parents are).

As Paul and I enjoyed an evening stroll, the setting sun melted over the city and provided us with some beautiful memories.

Unlike most European cities Cologne is filled with new buildings, as it was almost completely demolished by the allied forces during WW2. Even some of the buildings that appear to be old have been rebuilt in hopes of recreating the look of old Cologne.

Paul and I stumbled across this little patisserie and were pleasantly surprised at what we found.

I was lured in by the sweet sign and a hope of french confections that put to shame almost all others.

Inside this cubby hole of a shop I found perfect creations worthy of the poshest Paris patisserie.

Paul and I indulged in the most delicious vanilla eclair, a chocolate raspberry mille foi, and a fabulous hot chocolate (with real bittersweet chocolate and steamed milk).

These sorts of breakfasts are the perfect start to perfect days. Do try to find this sweat little spot if your ever in Cologne.

This church -the largest Gothic cathedral in N. Europe was the only significant building left standing after the bombings in 1945. The allies were compassionate indeed as they spared this astounding building that took over 600 years to create.

Inside were some typical statues and icons along with some very non-traditional ones. This reclining pope struck me as one of the more odd pieces in the church.

The church was filled with beautiful stain glass windows that obviously had been cleaned and restored back to their original luster.

We climbed what seamed like thousands of steps until we finally reached the top. Once on top of the church we were rewarded with a stunning view of the city.

During all of the this Tristan was a real trooper. He took in as much as he possibly could, and then fit in a few cat naps when he couldn't.

Of course this posting wouldn't be complete without a few pictures of Tristan. I can't believe how he is quickly growing and developing. He is crawling everywhere-and all the time. He loves swimming and splashing in the bath and so I thought I'd share some of his fun filled moments with you.

PS- After taking these sweet shots I discovered something not so sweet floating in the water. You can only imagine how this photo session came to an abrupt end, as I evacuated Tristan and his toys. After disposing of the problem and sanitizing Tristan's toys, another bath was required but this time I took no pictures.


Anna said...

You guys looks so great. Congrats!!!!!! (on the four years, not the floating gift in the tub)

Alisha said...

Happy Anniversary! I WANT one of those cakes so bad! I love the naked shots.

Leslie said...

Happy Anny! I know what you mean about getting off the beaten path and finding such a pleasant surprise (patisserie not poopie)

Jenn and Mike said...

Congrats on your anniversary -- time travels too fast when you are having fun! I love your photos... makes me wish I could visit.

Julie said...

I LOVE all of the photos from your fun exploits. We will definitley have to make it over there before you leave. You just check it all out first and then you can let us know the "must-see's" vs the "not-as-good-as-it's-cracked-up-to-be's." --Julie

Marie said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! Tristan is so cute and growing fast! Cologne is still on our list so I loved seeing pictures!