Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yeah, yeah I know I've been MIA. It's been several months since being present in the blogging world, and I'd love to tell you that I've been in some exotic local, but I was here (most of the time)-and my excuse...well I was just too tired. After our last posting we surprised our families in NY (during the month of January), and after that well I found out I was pregnant. Soon after I lost all desire (or energy) to do anything extra (which included blogging). From here on out I'll try to do much better, and I can pretty much guarantee I wont go another 4 months without blogging. Well this is another long one, but I'll try to sum up our last few months as briefly as possible.

Tristan eating of course

Tristans first birthday was filled with yummy desserts-and our carpets were the evidence to prove it (we steam cleaned them both immediately after the party).

Tristan enjoyed his fresh whipped cream cupcake...

and loved being able to make a mess (and mom not worry about it).

The next morning, we had success as we attempted to fly home space available via a military plane. We were able to get on the first flight out and had plenty of space to move around (the flight carried more German beer than passengers).

Here's Tristan in his comfy new car seat.

Here's a picture of Tristan and Tyler, a cousin just a few month older(both looking a little dazed -and both possibly teething).

As we attempted to get a picture of several of the cousins, it turned into mass hysteria and quite the entertainment for the adults. Note: Tristan's the one assaulting his female cousin in the back row.

When we returned home Tristan received a much needed haircut (where soon after I had a little bit of an emotional break down-when I found out I was pregnant, the outburst seemed to make a little more sense). In this picture you can see the "botch job" as well as Tristan helping me with some house work.

Tristan received this outfit for his birthday, and it always seems to brighten my spirits when he wears it.

Unfortunately, he wasn't so happy-but I did love the last three pictures that showed his ever changing emotions.

One afternoon we took a trip to the Luxembourg U.S. Military Cemetery and Memorial, just a little over an hour away.

As we were leaving we saw a sign for the nearby German Military Cemetery, we were both intrigued and so we made the very short trip (it was just a stones throw away).

We both felt it was very appropriate and fitting to visit this cemetery as well as the U.S. one. Paul and I were very moved at the stark difference between the two memorials. Unlike the American memorial with beautiful symmetrical grave stones and monuments, this little plot was filled with rough dark stones that gave the names of not one service member but sometimes up to 5. The cemetery felt small, dark, and almost shameful. This little memorial was inconspicuous and felt in a way a secret-it definitely felt like the resting ground for the losing side.

I was saddened by the reality that the majority of these men were not men at all, but young boys. The average age on the grave stones was 18-just like this soldier who shares a birthday with my older sister Sarah, and a last name that has the same origins as my maiden name.

This is the story to go along with the picture: after arriving home from the States, Tristan got an ear infection. All went well as we gave him amoxacillan to treat the infection, but a week after he finished his last dose he broke out in a full body rash. When we took him to church people wondered if he had the chicken pox-or something else much worse, but I reassured them that what he had wasn't contagious-just ugly! Unfortunately Tristan looked like a cartoon character for about a week.

One morning when Tristan was being particularly quiet, I went to check on him and found him like this.

He couldn't have been happier with anything else.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of him after I took the Desitan away-then he wasn't so happy.

Because of teething Tristan has gotten more than his share of popsicles. As a result he's become quite good at feeding himself.

As Tristan has grown and become more active it has become harder and harder to get a good picture of Tristan. Usually he's lunging at the camera (hence the numerous pictures of him in the high chair). Despite the many failed efforts, I tried to get a few pictures of him for my mom (so she can see him wearing the clothes she sent). I'm so thankful for my Mom who is so generous as she sends the best care packages, filled with cute clothes for Tristan.

Our friends the Grizzards came and visited us for a week, and so we took a trip down to Bavaria. Here are a few of my favorite pictures, from the trip.

Whenever Paul tried to get a picture of Tristan and I, Tristan would turn around and point to the castle-he was obviously impressed by this unbelievable structure.

Tristan on the Hotel fish ride (which happened to be broken-but this didn't stop Tristan from having the time of his life).

I took this picture for Pauls sister Kelly(Nussbaum). If you look above this decorate wood carving-it tells you what type of wood its made from -Nussbaum (nut tree).

This is the famous glochenspiel (sp?) in Munich, where we spent our last day in Bavaria.

Tristan looking out over the city with Paul (Tristan loved the view and could have stayed there for hours).

When we did decide to go Tristan was not happy about leaving-and so you can see Paul prying him from the bars.

All of us at the famous Hofbrau Hause, where we did not have any beer but had plenty of good brots, sauerkraut and german bread.

Tristan enjoying some of Pauls wurst and sauerkraut. The little guy enjoyed the food so much that after tanking up, he slept for three hours in the car.

Since our little trip to Bavaria, Tristan has had a few days of crazy fevers (which have since past), and we hav been enjoying the beautiful weather we've been getting. Tristan loves playing outside and discovering all the sights and sounds that come with exploring nature (recently he ate a lady bug in our front yard). Hopefully you all are enjoying wonderful weather and have had a wonderful Easter!


blogofsteele said...

So what did the doctor say about your due date?

Deborah said...

Congratulations! Loved all the pictures. I had lots of blog problems myself recently, and then they all disappeared and blogger seemed to have fixed them. Maybe you are in the same boat.

Paul and Holly Domm said...

Erin-the due date is Oct. 25th

Krista said...

Great to get caught up again. I am sorry it has gotten to this with me keeping up with peoples lives!

Debbie Baier said...

Holly ,thanks for the great mom

Julie said...

Congrats girlfriend! Just keep reminding yourself--this too shall pass--and the end result will be worth it.

lisa said...

yeah congrats! we are so excited for you...