Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer Days

It may not technically be summer but boy has it felt like it. We have had such a string of beautiful days, that I forgot we actually had a few more months til the real summer came. Tristan has enjoyed our neighbors trampoline (Thanks Ray family!), playing with our sweet neighbor Anne Cathrin (she is 3 years older than him and speaks German-but that wont stop them from having a great time), and simply getting out and exploring nature. The little guy is over joyed every time he can get out and chase ants-and the like.

Here he is taking a break in one of our flower pots (please don't look at the yard-we're working on it). This was at the end of a busy day-and he was sapped.
Paul was washing the grill and Tristan had discovered the water faucet outside. Upon discovering the wonder that is water, the little guy proceeded to drink from the tap til we took him in for dinner (he could have stayed out there all night).

After a busy day of playing outside Tristan did something that he has never done before...he fell asleep (outside his crib that is)! It was unbelievable, Tristan fell asleep on Paul at 6pm and well we had to take a picture (after all we didn't know if this would ever happen again).

Here's a close up of the little guy.

Today after church Paul suggested that we get a picture of Tristan before he changed or got filthy (he looks like such a dapper little guy in his church clothes but we rarely get a picture before he's covered in food...).

Here's mom and the little guy (he looks like he's ready to moon dance with his stylin white socks and black shoes).

We couldn't resist taking all the pictures-he was so uncharacteristically chill!

Big blue eyes

Here he is wondering what the heck we were doing and why we were doing it so long.

Here's the little guy looking a little older than I'm used to.

Just a couple pictures of our happy boy before he went to bed.

Lastly, I want to say thank you again to Megan for making these beautiful letters (we've still got to hang them up but that's the easy part).
I hope you're all enjoying beautiful weather (and if you're in Rochester take a walk in Highland Park for me-oh how I love the lilacs and Magnolia trees!).


Nettie! said...

You are more beautiful than ever (you always were but man!) and Tristan is so handsome! (Love those big blue eyes!) I love the letters of his name for his room too!!!

Deborah said...

Tristan's look is changing. He us a full on toddler; no longer a baby. Loved the Sunday clothes.
We took a walk in Highland this evening. It was beautiful.

Chris said...

I miss you guys. The girls kept saying "ohhh cute" "kristen blue eyes" "holly" in their baby girls voices, they miss you too. Kelly

Jenn and Mike said...

Smiles! That is all I have to say... Tristan is getting big!

Anna said...

He really is starting to look like a little boy. Too cute.

blogofsteele said...

Holl-you look beautiful! Tristan is a cutie, too!

Love you!

Melanie said...

Those are some crazy cute pictures!! He is such a good looking boy!

Sara said...

Holly, you look great! And Tristan is so handsome! I love when my kids play so hard that they juts conk out. Means they had a fun day.