Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter...

Easter morning I woke up and couldn't help but smile when I saw this beautiful face. Tristan is usually quite the happy baby, but Easter morning he was especially chipper-as if he was excited about the newly fallen snow. During the past winter, we hadn't received much snow at all and what we did get seemed to melt on contact. It was my impression that spring was on its way, and I was ready for it! To my disbelief though, Easter Sunday greeted me with a thick covering of snow. Everything was covered(just like winters in NY)-and it actually looked quite beautiful.

Little Tris was soo happy! I can't wait til he's actually old enough to enjoy the snow.

The snowy view from outside Tristan's nursery was unbelievable. It looked like a winter wonderland, like everything was suspended in time.

Tristan was all to happy to oblige me in playing the blanket game (I cover him with a blanket and he kicks it off-we repeat this over and over).

A snowy view from the rear of our home.

One more of our bright eyed little guy.


Deborah said...

A beautiful boy and beautiful snow. We, too, are hoping for spring. The sun was shining for Easter, but it was only 32 degrees. Bonus, most of the snow has melted here.

Anna said...

Gorgeous! The snow was pretty too. : )

Wende said...

He looks like his Daddy when he smiles. Happy Easter - we miss you here! Tris is adorable.